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We are a direct agency for the organisation and the execution of single or group journeys to Sri Lanka. Which focuses the elements trekking and sightseeing. Extraordinary services such as individual journeys or intensive introductions to the culture and the Sri Lankan way of life, local specialities e.g. ayurveda, buddhism or meditation. Apart from that you can combine different trips to a personal tour.

A main character trait of our offer is the individual compilation of the actions, which is left to the customer for complete self-determination. On the other hand the agency can -if desired- completely take over this step. The idea was developed in co-operation with the accomplishing Trekking company in Sri Lanka as an alternative to the anonymous mass tourism. You will find hardly any other tourists on our paths as they are only known to the locals. We try to keep distance from the much visited tourist places to have a glimpse of Sri Lanka's true face, and not only the country prepared to be shown to the tourists.

As conscious people we are supporting the idea of careful and sustainable tourism, so that not just you as our guest and us as the tour organizers profit from the journey but also the inhabitants of the country. We are pro-active, by supporting the local community. Our company has no commercial backgrounds but is comprises a collective of local guides and the co-workers in Germany. Sri Lanka Trekking works as an indirect social work for Sri Lanka.
Due to the financing of social projects and direct co-operation with the Sri Lankan locals we practice real fair tourism.