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About Sri Lanka:


is a monolith in Sri Lanka, on which ruines of a historic rock fortress are to be found. The name derives from 'Siha Giri', which means lion rock. 1920 Sigiriya has been announced to be world cultural heritage by the UNESCO.

472 a.C. King Dhatusena from Anrudhapura was killed by his son Kassapa, who had been born by one of his side wives and who secured his royal inheritance in this way. Due to fear of his half brother Moggallana (the true royal heir) Kasappa I. Had the fortress built. 491 a. C. Moggallana returned from the south-indian exile with an army and defeated Kassapa I. to become king himself.

Sri Pada/Adam's Peak

Traditionally the mountain is climbed at night times. Like this the day heat can be avoided and Sri Pada's beautiful sunrise can be experienced, which is accompanied by euphoric 'sadhu, sadhu' calls of locals while watching the mountain's triangular shadow in the mist of the western side.

The mountain Sri Pada (Sanskrit for 'holy foot' actually only describes the footprint on the peak) and is a 2243 m high single rock in central Sri Lanka (district Ratnapura). The mountain is a destination of pilgrimage for people of all religous backgrounds. On top of it one can find a inhabited monastery, in which a 1.8m large footprint is admired as Buddha's, Shiva Adipadham's or Adam's, depending on the confession of the admirer.


There are approximately 80 cave temples in Dambulla, of which 5 big ones. With an area of 2100m² this is the largest temple estate of the country. In many temples you will find historic paintings and statues. Altogether there are 153 Buddha statues, three statues of kingfs and four statues of gods. The latter ones are the two Hindu gods Vishnu and Ganesh. The paintings illustrate Buddha's life, his temptation by the daemon Mara and his first sermon.

Gal Vihara

Polonnaruwa is a city in the north of Sri Lanka. Since 1982 the archeological park has been recognized as UNESCO world cultural heritage. Residuals of huge stupas, temples with numerous Buddha statues and the whole garden, park and palace estates make this sight one of the main attractions for everyone.