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2 Days / 1 Night            Best of Sri Lankas Hillcountry     

                                            Ohiya and Surrounding 


meeting point daily @ Haputale Railway Station 09:00 am


1.Day     Thangamalay Forest Reserve, Ohiya

In the early morning we start the tour through Thangamalay Forest Reserve, via Eucalyptus forests and jungle, via tea estates and wonderful countrysides seeing Sri Lanka from its best side. This route is one of the hidden treks which usually stay undiscovered by the average tourist and includes a way through impressive tea estates and gorgeous hillcountrysides. The whole tour will take approximately 6 hours but rewards the participants with unique impressions. We overnight in our Trekking Lodge, Misty Mountain Lodge far off from any village or town. Here we are able to see enormous amounts of stars and shooting stars at night. Surely a highlight of our trips.

Location: Thangamalay Forest Reserve 2000m
Altitude: max 2100m
Duration: 6 hrs
Distance: 12 km
Start Point: Haputale 1420m
End Point: Misty Mountain Lodge 1800m 


2. Day     Bambarakanda Waterfall

After breakfast we will hike to the Bambarakanda Waterfall, the highest in Sri Lanka. We will hike over hills with infinite panoramas and more waterfalls, to a smaller waterfall to have a swim there. Later we will meet our bus that will take us back to Haputale and Bandarawela.

Location: Bambarakanda Waterfall 1050m
Altitude: max 1800 m
Duration: 5 hrs
Distance: 13 km
Start Point: Misty Moutain Lodge 1610m
End Point: Kalupahana 1000m


To join our daily opengroup trips and bookings send us a mail to:                                                                                                                           

price per person in a open group: 85€                                                                                      groups with 4 and more travelers pay 80€ per person


our services

experienced Trekking Guide

lunch packs and drinks during the treks 

1 night @ Misty Mountain Lodge, incl dinner and breakfast

approx. 10-14 hours trekking and hiking